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The first ever World Happiness Report has been published recently by the United Nations, which reflects a new worldwide demand for more attention to happiness as criteria for government policy. This also calls upon science and technology in both natural and social domains to be developed for promoting a happy and healthy lifestyle in our modern society. Orange technology is a newly defined interdisciplinary research area for integration and innovation of health, happiness, and care technologies in order to meet this world trend. The research scope includes computer science, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, psychological/physiological science, cognitive science, social science, and dechnology (design + technology). The representative color of orange technology originates from a harmonic fusion of red (representing brightness of health and happiness) and yellow (representing warming care). Instead of emphasizing the relations between environments and humans, as proposed by green technology, the objective of orange technology aims to bring more health, happiness, warming care, and more mental wellness to the society..

About ICOT 2016

The 2016 IEEE International Conference on Orange Technologies (ICOT 2016) sponsored by IEEE will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The objective of this conference is to stimulate the establishment of Orange Technologies and to bring together scientists, engineers and other interdisciplinary professionals to share innovation ideas. With tutorial, keynote, Invited, special, and regular sessions, the ICOT 2016 aims to promote the research, developments and applications of bio-medical innovation and intelligent computing for orange technologies. Authors are encouraged to submit original papers in any area related to orange technologies, including but not limited to the following topics:

Health Technology

  •    •Biomedical Engineering and Applications

  •       • Information Technology in Biomedicine
  •       • Medical Imaging Processing
  •       • fMRI-Based Neuro-Computing
  •       • Biomedical Sensors, Transducers, and BioMEMS
  •       • Biomedical informatics, Brain informatics, Imaging informatics
  •       • Biomedical Circuits and Systems
  •       • Intelligent Health Instrumentation
  •       • Rehabilitation Technology
  •       • Telehealth and Telecare
  • Happiness Technology and Index

    •    •Affective Computing for Happiness Detection

    •       • Long-Term Positive Emotion Detection
    •       • Smiling Faces and Laughter Detection
    •       • Happiness Detection from Psychological/Physiological Bio-Signals
    •       • System Design for Happiness Promotion
    •       • Theory and Measurement of Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index
    •       • Cultural Difference and Cross National Comparison in GNH
    •       • Intelligent Health Instrumentation
    •       • Rehabilitation Technology
    •       • National Policy Making and Strategies for Enhancing GNH
    • Warming Care Technology

      •    •Information Technology in Health and Mental Care

      •       • Friendly and Affordable Human-Machine Interface for Senior and Children Care
      •       • Cloud Health and Mental Care Services
      •       • Assistive Technology and Senior Companion Robot
      •       • Smart Living for Elderly and Children Care
      •       • Body-Mind Fitness Care